New two-year government bond for on-lending to the Riksbank

23 August 2011 - Press release

The Debt Office will issue a new bond on Tuesday, 30 August.


The loan is named SGB 1055 1.5% 30 Aug 13. It matures 30 August, 2013, and has a coupon of 1.50 percent. The volume offered is 9.5 billion kronor.


Loan 1055 is part of the Debt Office's regular on-lending in foreign currency to the Riksbank. Previously, we have borrowed the equivalent of 92 billion kronor in dollar and euro, which then is lent on to the Riksbank's foreign exchange reserve. The Debt Office now refinances one of these loans.


As part of the refinancing of a euro loan of 3 billion maturing on 8 September, we will this time borrow in kronor and swap to euro.


We have at the moment no plans to increase the loan at a later time, meaning the bond will only be issued at this time. The requirements for liquidity and market making in bond 1055 will be lower for primary dealers than with regular bonds.


The government bond will be sold through the Debt Office's regular auction system. The auction closes at 11:00 on Tuesday, 30 August.


The result will be announced 10 minutes after cut-off.


The information will also be available on


For further information, please contact
Thomas Olofsson, Head of Debt Management, telephone +46 8 613 47 82
Maria Norström, Head of Funding, telephone +46 8 613 46 35