Long-term funding plans currently unchanged

4 February 2011 - Press release

The Government has announced the sale of the shares in Nordea equivalent to about SEK 19 billion. The sale of the shares has, at present, no impact on the funding in government bonds.

Our latest forecast for income from sales of state-owned companies is SEK 35 billion for 2012. The sale of Nordea shares means that part of these revenues will occur earlier than projected.

The issuances of government bonds depend on our view of the borrowing requirement for the whole period 2011 and 2012. Currently, we have no strong reasons to change our forecast for these years all taken together, even if a revision cannot be ruled out.

The income will be handled within our liquidity management. It will mean less short-term funding and, during certain periods,  management of small surpluses. In addition,  the auction size in some Treasury bills may be reduced.

Our forecast from November for the budget surplus during 2011 was SEK 18 billion. The next forecast will be published 18 May. At present, there is reason to presume that the forecast for the surplus for 2011 at that time will be larger.

Further information can be obtained from:

Thomas Olofsson, Head of Debt Management, phone +46 8 613 47 82