Upcoming auctions for T-bills

Coming auctions
Auction date ISINcode Loan Coupon No of days
Maturity Maturity Loan Coupon Interest Volume Auction type
2019-10-02 5,000
2019-11-13 5,000
2019-12-11 5,000
2020-01-08 5,000

All amounts in SEK million.

Auction terms are published a week before the auction takes place at 4.20 pm. The terms are published at 12.05 on trading days before a public holiday. Bids have to be entered by 11.00 on the auction day, the result is published around 11.03 on our web site. Bids only through dealers approved by the Swedish National Debt Office.

Auction date
Announcement date Auction date Settlement date Auction type Maturity Loan Coupon Interest Volume
2019-09-25 2019-10-02 2019-10-04          
2019-11-06 2019-11-13 2019-11-15          
2019-12-04 2019-12-11 2019-12-13          
2019-12-30 2020-01-08 2020-01-10