Scientific conference

Fully booked!

The scientific conference is fully booked. You may still register, but you will be put on a waiting list.

The scientific conference will follow standard academic format with presentations and invited discussants.

This part of the conference is intended mainly for participants who wish to discuss and learn more about the latest academic research on financial crisis management. Participation is limited to 60 people. 

Paper presentations

John Kuong, INSEAD
“Self-fulfilling Fire Sales: Fragility of Collateralised Short-term Debt Markets”
Discussant: Jungsuk Han, Stockholm School of Economics and Swedish House Of Finance

Benjamin Guin, University of St.Gallen (with Martin Brown and Stefan Morkoetter)
“Deposit Withdrawals from Distressed Commercial Banks”
Discussant: Marieke Bos, Stockholm University and Swedish House Of Finance

Stephan Luck and Paul Schempp, Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods (Bonn)
“Banks, Shadow Banking, and Fragility”
Discussant: Christoph Bertsch, The Riksbank

Falko Fecht, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (with Stefan Reitz and Patrick Weber)
“Strains on money market makers and money market tensions”
Discussant: Björn Hagströmer, Stockholm University

Rodney Ramcharan, Federal Reserve Board (with Efraim Benmelech and Ralf Meisenzahl)
“The Real Effects of Liquidity during the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Automobiles”
Discussant: Bo Becker, Stockholm School of Economics and Swedish House of Finance

Bo Becker, Stockholm School of Economics and Swedish House of Finance (with Marieke Bos and Kasper Roszbach)
“Bad times, good credit”
Discussant: Hamid Boustanifar, BI Norwegian Business School.

Lev Ratnovski, IMF (with Giovanni dell’Arriccia)
“Bailouts and Systemic Insurance”
Discussant: Martin Hellwig, Max-Planck-Institute for Research on Collective Goods

Program committee

Arnoud Boot (University of Amsterdam), Markus Brunnermeier (Princeton University), Peter Englund (SIFR), Martin Hellwig (Max Planck Institute, Bonn).

Call for papers

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