Member institutions

Here you can view a list of institutions permitted by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to accept and hold customers’ money in accounts. These institutions are covered by the deposit insurance scheme.

The insurance covers deposits in all types of accounts, regardless if the account is available for immediate withdrawal or not. The insurance does not cover pension accounts.

For each institution you can view the types of accounts covered by the deposit insurance scheme under the heading account types below.

Institutions must inform their customers whether deposits are covered by the insurance, what the compensation level is and how compensation is made payable under the insurance.

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Authorized AIFM
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
Ability Asset Management ScandinaviaAktiebolag 556647-1883
Agenta Investment Management AB 556687-9994
AIFM Capital AB 556737-5562
Bodenholm Capital AB 559007-1790
Carlsson Norén Asset Management AB 556726-4238
Case Kapitalförvaltning AB 556967-4509
Century Analytics AB 559044-1316
Coeli Asset Management AB 556608-7648
Estea AB 556321-1415
Finserve Nordic AB 556695-9499
IPM Informed Portfolio ManagementAktiebolag 556561-6041
Keel Capital AB 556780-6509
Lancelot Asset Management Aktiebolag 556562-9705
Lynx Asset Management AB 556573-1782
Madrague Capital Partners AB 556854-2780
Navigera AB 556922-5252
Nordic Cross Asset Management AB 559065-7028
Peak AM Alternative Investments AB 556863-2375
Profi Förvaltning AB 556745-6420
Proxy P Management AB 559083-9014
Quartile Fonder AB 559020-0134
RAM One AB 556629-1950
Strand Kapitalförvaltning AB 556345-2266
VCG Investment Management AB 556955-7118
Volt Capital Management AB 559059-3082
von Euler & Partners AB 556630-5487
Ymer SC AB 559112-4010

Banking companies
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
Avanza Bank AB 556573-5668 Show
Bergslagens Sparbank AB 516401-0109 Show
Carnegie Investment Bank AB 516406-0138 Show
Erik Penser Bank AB (publ) 556031-2570 Show
ICA Banken AB 516401-0190 Show
Länsförsäkringar Bank Aktiebolag 516401-9878 Show
Nordnet Bank AB 516406-0021 Show
Ölands Bank AB 516401-0034 Show
SBAB Bank AB (publ) 556253-7513 Show
Skandiabanken Aktiebolag (publ) 516401-9738 Show
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB 502032-9081 Show
Södra Dalarnas Sparbank AB 516406-1185 Show
Sparbanken Alingsås AB 556809-0855 Show
Sparbanken Eken AB 516406-0674 Show
Sparbanken Göinge AB 516406-0716 Show
Sparbanken Lidköping AB 516401-0166 Show
Sparbanken Rekarne AB 516401-9928 Show
Sparbanken Sjuhärad AB (publ) 516401-9852 Show
Sparbanken Skåne AB (publ) 516401-0091 Show
Sparbanken Skaraborg AB (publ) 516401-0141 Show
Svenska Handelsbanken AB 502007-7862 Show
Swedbank AB 502017-7753 Show
Tjustbygdens Sparbank Bankaktiebolag 516401-0224 Show
Varbergs Sparbank AB (publ) 516401-0158 Show
Vimmerby Sparbank AB 516401-0174 Show

UCITS III management companies
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
Alfa Kraft Fonder AB 556708-2465
CAAM Fund Services AB 556648-6832
Carnegie Fonder AB 556266-6049
Catella Fondförvaltning AB 556533-6210
Cicero Fonder AB 556588-8731
Cliens Kapitalförvaltning AB 556750-2660
E. Öhman J:or Fonder AB 556050-3020
Enter Fonder AB 556573-5114
Handelsbanken Fonder AB 556418-8851
IKC Fonder AB 556732-6953
Lannebo Fonder AB 556584-7042
Naventi Fonder AB 556630-8689
Nordic Equities KapitalförvaltningAktiebolag 556571-9126
Prior & Nilsson Fond- ochKapitalförvaltning Aktiebolag 556632-0841
SEB Investment Management AB 556197-3719
Sensor Fonder AB 556583-8363
Swedbank Robur Fonder AB 556198-0128
Tundra Fonder AB 556838-6303
Xact Kapitalförvaltning AB 556997-8140

Credit-market companies
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
Aktiebolaget Svensk Exportkredit 556084-0315

Savings banks
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
Ålems Sparbank 532800-6282 Show
Åse Viste Sparbank 569000-6670 Show
Åtvidabergs Sparbank 522001-5886 Show
Bjursås Sparbank 583201-2495 Show
Dalslands Sparbank 562500-5243 Show
Ekeby Sparbank 543002-7341 Show
Falkenbergs Sparbank 549000-5484 Show
Fryksdalens Sparbank 574000-3420 Show
Hälsinglands Sparbank 587500-7196 Show
Häradssparbanken Mönsterås 532800-6209 Show
Högsby Sparbank 532800-6217 Show
Ivetofta Sparbank i Bromölla 538201-3109 Show
Kinda-Ydre Sparbank 522001-5985 Show
Laholms Sparbank 549201-6059 Show
Lekebergs Sparbank 575001-9803 Show
Leksands Sparbank 583201-2529 Show
Lönneberga-Tuna-Vena Sparbank 533200-5189 Show
Markaryds sparbank 529000-8506 Show
Mjöbäcks Sparbank 565000-6520 Show
Norrbärke Sparbank 583800-5246 Show
Orusts Sparbank 558500-7999 Show
Roslagens Sparbank 514400-7399 Show
Sala Sparbank 579500-4133 Show
Sidensjö sparbank 589600-6219 Show
Skurups Sparbank 548000-7409 Show
Snapphanebygdens Sparbank 537000-9598 Show
Södra Hestra Sparbank 528500-6408 Show
Sölvesborg-Mjällby Sparbank 536200-9457 Show
Sörmlands Sparbank 516401-9639 Show
Sparbanken Boken 537600-6234 Show
Sparbanken Gotland 534000-5775 Show
Sparbanken i Enköping 517000-6505 Show
Sparbanken i Karlshamn 536200-9481 Show
Sparbanken Nord 598800-4817 Show
Sparbanken Syd 548000-7425 Show
Sparbanken Tanum 555900-2695 Show
Sparbanken Tranemo 565500-6152 Show
Sparbanken Västra Mälardalen 578500-7120 Show
Tidaholms Sparbank 567200-4883 Show
Tjörns Sparbank 553300-7943 Show
Ulricehamns Sparbank 565500-6145 Show
Vadstena Sparbank 524000-5719 Show
Virserums Sparbank 533200-5247 Show
Westra Wermlands Sparbank 572000-4489 Show

Foreign bank branch
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
Ålandsbanken Abp(Finland),svensk filial 516406-0781 Show
Nordea Bank Abp, filial i Sverige 516411-1683 Show

Investments firms
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
ABG Sundal Collier AB 556538-8674
Adecla AB 556793-3691
Advinans AB 559067-5673
Aktieinvest FK AB 556072-2596
Aktiv Finans Värdepappersbolag i Sverige AB 556635-9567
Alfa Invest AB 559079-7634
Alfa Kraft AB 556556-6592
Alfred Berg Kapitalförvaltning AB 556472-1149
Alnair AB 556913-4330
Alpcot AB 556963-4180
Aqurat Fondkommission AB 556736-0515
Asia Growth Capital Management AB 556950-9622
Atle Investment Services AB 556690-3968
ATS Finans AB 556736-8195
B & P Fund Services Aktiebolag 556605-5298
BetterWealth FTS AB 559079-9705
Burenstam&Partners Aktiebolag 556631-2434
Captor Investment Management AB 556970-2243
CB Asset Management Aktiebolag 556484-8488
Citroneer AB 559159-1192
Coeli Frontier Markets AB 556930-8447
Coeli Global AB 556683-5608
Coeli Wealth Management AB 559008-1716
Consensus Asset Management AB (publ) 556474-6518
Corpura Fondkommission AB 556838-6048
East Capital Aktiebolag 556546-8435
EME Partners AB 556727-3825
Eminova Fondkommission AB 556889-7887
Entropics Asset Management AB 556951-3376
Ericsson & Partners Förmögenhetsförvaltning AB 556453-4401
Eterum AB 556648-5776
Exceed Capital Sverige AB 556550-3116
Fair Investments Sweden AB 556816-9626
FoF Asset Management Aktiebolag 556702-0309
Fondab AB 556697-5560
FPJ Asset Management AB 559117-2456
Garantum Fondkommission Aktiebolag 556668-1531 Show
Gottex Securities AB 556980-3256
Günther & Wikberg Kapitalförvaltning AB 556549-4613
Hagberg & Aneborn Fondkommission AB 559071-6675
Hjerta Värdepappersservice AB 556677-0391
HMP Asset Management AB 556847-8746
IKC Capital AB 556538-0325
Indecap AB 556622-4480
Investerum AB 556693-7495
JLL Transaction Services AB 556579-0119
JRS Asset Management AB 556734-9070
Kavaljer AB 556618-7315
Linné Kapitalförvaltning AB 556631-6534
Lyra Financial Wealth AB 556814-3845
Lysa AB 559028-0821
Mangold Fondkommission AB 556585-1267 Show
Max Matthiessen Värdepapper AB 556523-8606
MFEX Mutual Funds Exchange AB 556559-0634
Monyx Asset Management AB 556643-6209
Movestic Kapitalförvaltning AB 556760-8780
Nasdaq Broker Services Aktiebolag 556405-0127
Naventus Corporate Finance AB 559126-9476
Nord Fondkommission AB 556832-1342
Nordea Investment Management AB 556060-2301
Nordic Archipelago Investments AB 556979-5338
Norron AB 556812-4209
Optise AB 556989-9932
OQAM AB 556925-4112
Oscarsson & Engman Capital AB 556779-2741
Pacific Fonder AB 559009-1871
Pareto Securities AB 556206-8956 Show
Partner Fondkommission AB 556737-7121
Peak AM Securities AB 556863-2367
Pepins Group AB (publ) 556634-8222
Placerum Kapitalförvaltning AB 556707-4306
PRI Stiftelsetjänst AB 556064-5151
Quesada Kapitalförvaltning AB 556608-7994
Redeye AB 556581-2954
Rhenman & Partners Asset Management AB 556759-5599
Safe Return Asset Management Nordic AB 556726-4626
Shepherd Energy AB 556621-8078
SIP Nordic Fondkommission AB 556708-6649
Skandia Investment Management Aktiebolag 556606-6832
Söderberg & Partners Securities AB 556674-7456 Show
Statkraft Financial Energy AB 556529-5309
Stockholm Corporate Finance AB 556672-0727
Strandberg Kapitalförvaltning AB 556797-5080
Strategisk Kapitalförvaltning Sverige AB 556988-2086
Strukturinvest Fondkommission (FK) AB 556759-1721
Svensk Kraftmäkling AB 556518-5245
Svensk Värdepappersservice i StockholmAB 556324-5447
Svenska FinansMäklarna AB 556643-1408
TriOptima AB 556584-9758
Trude Asset Management AB 559009-2192
United Securities AB 556547-9309
Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance AB 556660-1182
Vator Securities AB 556795-7260
Waizer AB 559018-9303
Wictor Family Office AB 556984-3567
Wilton Row Capital AB 559061-1967