Investor compensation

Investor compensation is payable only if an institution goes bankrupt and it is impossible for you, the investor, to recover your securities or cash. The investor compensation does not cover financial loss due to changes in value of shares and other securities.

Investor compensation covers securities handled by certain securities companies, securities brokers and some other institutions on behalf of customers in the course of providing investment services (such as the purchase, sale and deposition of financial instruments).

Securities means shares, bonds and various types of derivatives. The scheme also covers funds that an institution receives in conjunction with providing an investment service for which it is accountable.

As a customer, you may be compensated for lost assets up to a value of 250,000 kronor per institution.

The Investor compensation scheme was introduced in Sweden in 1999 based on an EC directive. Similar schemes exist in other EU countries, as well as many countries outside the EU.

Institutions belonging to the investor compensation scheme pay a fee to the Debt Office.