Application for supplemental coverage

Deposit insurance and investor compensation cover different amounts in different countries. Institutions may therefore apply for supplemental coverage.

Foreign institutions in Sweden

In some cases, a branch of a foreign institution based in or outside the EEA may apply for coverage by the Swedish deposit insurance or investor compensation scheme on top of its own country’s scheme; this is termed “supplemental coverage”.

The supplemental coverage for the Swedish deposit insurance covers the differences between the compensation in the domicile country and Sweden. The maximum compensation in Sweden is 950,000 kronor per customer and institution.

For the investor compensation the maximum compensation is 250,000 kronor per customer and institution.

Applications for supplementary coverage should be submitted to the Debt Office ( Such supplementary coverage is sometimes referred to as “topping-up”.

The government may expand the Swedish deposit insurance to include affiliates of foreign banks in Sweden, should the deposit insurance in the home country not be fully met. 

Swedish institutions abroad

If the deposit insurance or investor compensation scheme of another country has a higher coverage limit than Sweden, a branch of a Swedish institution in that country may apply for supplementary coverage. An application for such a topping-up arrangement should be sent to the organisation in charge of deposit insurance or investor compensation in the country in question.

If the national law of the host country's guarantee system does not allow for the branch to join, the branch may apply to extend the coverage from the Swedish deposit insurance regarding temporary high balances.