Payment of compensation

The Debt Office shall make the repayable amount available within seven working days from the day the guarantee came into effect.

If the deposit guarantee comes into effect, we will contact you and make sure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. You only need to contact us if you want to apply for extra compensation related to temporary high balances, see below.

The compensation limit is 950,000 kronor per person and institution in Sweden. If you have deposits in a branch of a Swedish institution within the EU, the compensation limit is the same as applicable in the country where the branch operates and the payment will be made in the local currency.

It is possible to apply for extra compensation up to 5 million kronor for deposits resulting from transactions serving a certain social purpose, for example a real estate transaction, divorce, retirement, dismissal, invalidity or death. You must apply for such compensation after the deposit guarantee comes into effect and the transaction must have been made within the previous 12 months.

No repayment shall be made where there has been no transaction relating to the deposit within the last 24 months from the day the guarantee comes into effect and the value of the deposit is lower than the administrative payment costs, 25 kronor.

If the deposits in question are at a branch in Sweden of a foreign institution, you are entitled to compensation only after a decision by a competent authority in the institution’s home country.The Swedish government may expand the Swedish deposit insurance to include branches of foreign banks in Sweden, should the deposit insurance in the home country not be fully met. This requires a decision by the Swedish government.