How deposit insurance works

As a customer, you are entitled to compensation if an institution that is covered by deposit insurance and is permitted to accept deposits in accounts goes bankrupt. You also get compensation if Finansinspektionen makes such a decision.

If your account is covered by the insurance, you are entitled to compensation corresponding to the amount deposited plus accrued interest up to and including the time of the bankruptcy or the decision by Finansinspektionen. Your entitlement to compensation is not offset by any debts you may have to the institution.

Compensation limit

The compensation limit is 950 000 kronor per institution and depositor in Sweden. If you have deposits in a branch of a Swedish institution within the EU the compensation limit is the same as in the country where the branch operates, for example 85 000 pounds in United Kingdom and 100 000 euros in Finland. For Swedish branches in Norway the compensation limit is also 100 000 euros.

You can also apply for extra compensation up to 5 million kronor for temporary high balances resulting from certain transactions.

If an account is opened under two or more peoples' names, each is treated individually for these purposes.

Accounts covered by deposit insurance

The deposit insurance covers deposits in all types of accounts, regardless if the account is available for immediate withdrawal or not. The deposit insurance does not cover pension accounts. View the accounts covered.

Regarding client accounts, where a deposit has been made on behalf of several clients by for example a law firm or a securities company to the same account, the general rule is that the underlying owners (i.e. the clients) individually can be compensated up to the maximum amount.

To whom is the insurance applicable?

The insurance covers private individuals, companies and other legal entities. The insurance does not cover financial institutions or public authorities.