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Deposits at Swedish banks in other countries

As a rule, deposits are protected by the guarantee system of the country where the institution has its banking license.

Consumer protection and financial stability

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The deposit insurance scheme benefits consumers and contributes to stability in the financial system

Hans Lindblad,
Director General at the
Swedish National Debt Office

Deposit insurance

If an institution goes bankrupt or after a decision made by Finansinspektionen, the insurance provides compensation up to 950 000 kronor per depositor in Sweden. If you have deposits in a branch of a Swedish institution within the EU the compensation limit is the same as in the country where the branch operates.

Deposit insurance

Investor compensation

Investor compensation is payable only if an institution goes bankrupt and it is impossible for you, the investor, to recover your securities or cash. The investor compensation does not cover financial loss due to changes in value of shares and other securities.

Investor compensation

Secure savers

Backed by strong consumer protection, depositors can feel secure even in times of financial turbulence, reinforcing the preconditions for financial stability.